Nottinghamshire Disabled People's Movement

Who are we?  NDPM is an organisation run by disabled people for disabled people. We work in a way that enables any disabled person to get involved. We have an equal opportunities policy and welcome any disabled person. Non-disabled people who support our aims are also welcome to join as Associate Members.

What do we believe in?  We believe that every disabled person has the right to participate fully in society and to decide how they live their lives. We believe that all disabled people should have the right to the facilities and services they need, without discrimination and prejudice.

What do we do?   NDPM is an organisation that campaigns on local and national issues.  We do this by:

  • being involved in consultation and raising issues with organisations such as local councils, the NHS, universities and other voluntary organisations;
  •  talking to other groups about what we do and what we believe in;
  • talking to each other and sharing views and experiences; 




 Membership benefits include:

  • input into local consultation processes
  • information sharing
  • meeting other disabled people
  • the opportunity to have a say in the way NDPM develops and what we do.

NDPM Developing

As NDPM continues to develop, we want to make sure that we are campaigning on the issues which local disabled people feel are important. For example

  • cuts to public services
  • accessible public transport
  • safe and accessible environments
  • improvements in communication and information available to disabled people
  • working with other organisations to achieve our goals



NDPM Membership Details

NDPM has different categories of membership: 
  • Full membership for disabled people over eighteen and organisations controlled by disabled people
  • Associate membership for disabled children/young people, non-disabled people and organisations not controlled by disabled people
More Information
For more information and/or a membership form, please contact us:
Phone: (0115) 959 8168 (voice)
Text Direct: 08001 0115 959 8168
Address: c/o Voluntary Action Centre, 7 Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG1 3FB.